Best campgrounds in Pennsylvania

Cherry Springs State Park

Cherry Springs is famous for its stargazing, but Pennsylvania has many beautiful places to visit. This park in Potter County has some of the East Coast’s darkest sky, making it ideal for stargazing. Cherry Springs is a Gold Level International Dark Sky Park by the International Dark-Sky Association, demonstrating its dedication to night sky preservation.

Cherry Springs is heaven for amateur and professional astronomers. Set up telescopes or spread out a blanket to see the many stars visible to the naked eye. The Milky Way shines brightly, and constellations are clearer than in metropolitan areas. It deepens our connection to the cosmos and reminds us of our role in it.

Stargazing isn’t Cherry Springs’ only draw; it also provides outdoor activities. Hiking paths in the park span 80 kilometers through lush forests and give stunning views of the landscape. There are trails for every ability level, so you may experience the park’s natural splendor at your own speed.

Along with hiking, Cherry Springs provides animal viewing, birding, and fishing in adjacent streams and lakes. The park has many plant and animal species, including white-tailed deer, black bears, and birds. Nature enthusiasts will enjoy seeing these animals in their native environment and learning about their fragile habitats.

Cherry Springs provides rustic tent sites and contemporary cottages with all the comforts of home for extended stays. Camping beneath the stars at Cherry Springs is unlike any other, with the peaceful sounds of nature lulling you to sleep and the promise of another day of adventure in the morning.

Cherry Springs’ peacefulness and escape from daily life may be its biggest allure. Surrounded by towering trees and the quiet of the forest, it’s easy to forget your troubles and enjoy the present. Cherry Springs is a relaxing escape from the contemporary world, whether you’re toasting marshmallows over a campfire, stargazing, or spending time with friends and family.

Ricketts Glen State Park

The beautiful waterfalls of Ricketts Glen draw people from far and wide. Each of the park’s 24 waterfalls has its own personality. The Falls Trail, a hard but rewarding 7.2-mile loop through the forest, unveils stunning waterfalls. This magical journey offers a variety of natural delights, from Ganoga Falls, the park’s tallest waterfall at 94 feet, to Mohican Falls’ calm beauty.

Ricketts Glen provides several outdoor activities for adventurers. Over 26 miles of trails, from easy to difficult, wind through the park’s beautiful scenery. Besides the Falls Trail, the park’s major feature, visitors may hike the Highland Trail or Ganoga Glen Trail, which provide stunning views and animals.

In addition to trekking, Ricketts Glen is a fishing heaven. The park’s tranquil lakes and streams are full with trout, bass, and panfish, making it excellent for all ability levels of fishermen. Ricketts Glen’s fishing chances will enthrall any angler, whether from the beach or on the calm waters.

Camping in Ricketts Glen is unlike any other, allowing campers to appreciate nature while staying contemporary. Two campsites in the park offer tranquility in the woods. Over 120 tent and trailer sites at Lake Jean Campground provide picnic tables, fire rings, and modern restrooms. The rustic campground offers isolated campsites in the heart of the park for people hoping to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Beyond its natural beauty and enjoyment, Ricketts Glen has a fascinating history to learn. History is intertwined into the park, named after the Ricketts family that owned it. Visitors may tour the Ricketts family estate’s stone walls and foundations to learn about the park’s history.

Ricketts Glen is a wildlife reserve and outdoor activity attraction. Black bear, white-tailed deer, and many bird species live in the park. Birdwatchers can see bald eagles, osprey, and many songbirds in the park’s tall trees and thick greenery.

Promised Land State Park

Pennsylvania has many camping spots, but Promised Land State Park stands out for numerous reasons. Visitors are immediately drawn to its gorgeous natural environment. Campers may immerse themselves in nature under towering trees, which give shade and tranquility. Lower Lake and Upper Lake provide stunning vistas, swimming, boating, and fishing, so campers of various interests may enjoy them.

Promised Land State Park has camping opportunities for every taste and natural beauty. You may camp in a tent, RV, or one of the park’s lovely cottages. Tent campsites across the park offer rustic camping with easy access to hiking trails and other amenities. RV campsites at the park include power connections and other amenities, letting guests experience the outdoors without compromising luxury.

Camping in Promised Land State Park is great for its many recreational opportunities. Hikers may see animals and enjoy stunning views on miles of picturesque routes throughout the park. Water lovers may swim, boat, and fish on the park’s lakes. Boaters may explore the lakes while anglers fish for bass, pickerel, and other freshwater fish.

Its community makes Promised Land State Park one of Pennsylvania’s top campsites, beyond its natural beauty and recreational activities. The campsite has a sense of community, whether you’re exchanging tales over a campfire with family and friends or participating in one of the park’s planned activities. This community keeps people coming back year after year, creating lasting experiences and connections.

No camping vacation is complete without good meals, and Promised Land State Park delivers. Picnic spots with tables and grills make it convenient to dine outside in the park. Dining al fresco in the park is a must, whether you’re grilling your catch or having a picnic lunch with friends.

Ohiopyle State Park

Pennsylvania is a paradise for campers and outdoor enthusiasts due to its natural beauty. Due to its diversity and beauty, Ohiopyle State Park attracts tourists from far and wide. The Youghiogheny River park has almost 20,000 acres of pure wilderness, making it suitable for adventurers and peaceseekers.

Ohiopyle State Park is known for its vast campgrounds, which accommodate a range of camping methods. The park has camping possibilities for all campers, from beginners to experts. Ohiopyle’s campsites offer a pleasant and appealing environment for nature lovers, from rustic tent sites among towering trees to contemporary RV hookups with all the conveniences.

The amenities and recreational options at Ohiopyle make it one of Pennsylvania’s greatest campsites. Hiking, biking, fishing, whitewater rafting, and more await outdoor lovers. The park has several paths that travel through beautiful forests, past cascading waterfalls, and along the Youghiogheny River, giving unlimited discovery and adventure.

For thrill junkies, Ohiopyle’s whitewater rapids are unmatched. For experienced paddlers and beginners alike, the Youghiogheny River delivers thrills and excitement. The river’s Class III and IV rapids may be tackled by skilled kayakers or guided rafters.

Ohiopyle State Park’s cultural and historical legacy enhances the tourist experience beyond its natural activities. The rebuilt Kentuck Knob and Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright masterpieces, are among the park’s historic features. These architectural wonders may be explored and their history and significance in the environment explained.

In addition to its natural and cultural features, Ohiopyle State Park promotes environmental protection. The park’s staff and volunteers work hard to maintain its natural resources and encourage sustainable practices so future generations can enjoy its beauty.

Worlds End State Park

World’s End State Park, in the Loyalsock State Forest, is a refuge for outdoor enthusiasts seeking relaxation from city life. This jewel of a park on the Allegheny Plateau has waterfalls, streams, deep woods, and rocky cliffs. Outdoor enthusiasts go to its unspoiled woods for a natural getaway.

The beauty of World’s End makes it stand out among Pennsylvania campsites. After the leaves change color in the fall, the park’s panoramic views are stunning. You’ll be awestruck by the campground’s spectacular vistas whether you’re camping or hiking. Photographers and painters visit World’s End for inspiration due to its stunning scenery.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love World’s End State Park. The park has several routes for hikers of various abilities, from easy strolls along Loyalsock Creek to strenuous hikes through the Loyalsock State Forest. Backpackers may enjoy the wilderness on the Loyalsock-Link Loop Trail for many days, hiking through lush woods and stunning views.

The fascination of World’s End goes beyond trekking. Anglers will love fishing the park’s clear streams and creeks for trout and other freshwater species. Kayakers and canoeists may enjoy the Loyalsock Creek’s peaceful sections and exciting rapids while paddling. For a more laid-back experience, the park provides picnics, animal viewing, and natural relaxation.

World’s End State Park camping is unique. The campground has rustic tent sites among the forest and contemporary cottages with all the amenities of home. There’s a camping choice for everyone, from rustic to luxurious. With its peaceful atmosphere and breathtaking landscape, camping at World’s End is a memorable experience you’ll want to repeat.

World’s End State Park has a rich cultural and historical legacy as well as natural beauty and enjoyment. A 19th-century logging settlement and the CCC-built stone pavilion overlooking Loyalsock Creek are among the park’s historic features. Visitors may learn about the people and events that created the landscape at these historical sites.

Bald Eagle State Park

The 5,900-acre park is surrounded by the spectacular Bald Eagle Mountain Range, offering plenty of area for adventure. The 1,730-acre Foster Joseph Sayers Reservoir is its showpiece, a boating, fishing, and swimming paradise. The reservoir offers infinite aquatic leisure, from fishing for bass, trout, and panfish to paddling along the coastline.

Camping at Bald Eagle State Park is unique. Visitors may enjoy nature and modern conveniences at over 300 campsites for tents, trailers, and RVs. The campsites are well-maintained and provide picnic tables, fire rings, and clean restrooms. Each campground is a serene refuge where you can relax and reconnect with nature, whether you’re camping under the trees or in an RV by the reservoir.

Bald Eagle State Park offers outdoor activities for all interests beyond camping. Hikers may follow miles of routes through forests, meadows, and along the seashore for stunning vistas. Deer, turkey, and duck hunting in the mountains is available at the park for adventure seekers.

The park’s varied birdlife, including the bald eagle, will excite birdwatchers. Ornithologists and casual birdwatchers love Bald Eagle State Park for its vast woodlands and clear streams, which are great for birdlife.

Bald Eagle State Park has several amenities to enhance visitors’ experience in addition to its natural charms. The park has a marina where you may hire boats, kayaks, and paddleboards and a summer lifeguarded swimming beach. Interpretive programs, guided walks, and Nature Inn exhibits teach visitors about the area’s natural and cultural heritage.

The park’s accessibility is notable. Bald Eagle State Park is a quick drive from Harrisburg and State College, providing a handy retreat from city life. Visitors from across the state and beyond visit the park for weekend getaways or weeklong vacations due to its central position.

Cook Forest State Park

Cook Forest State Park, in the Allegheny Mountains, offers nearly 8,500 acres of wilderness for campers seeking a getaway from city life. Whether you’re camping under the old hemlock and white pine trees or RVing at one of the park’s well-equipped campsites, you’ll find peace and calm here.

Cook Forest is unusual among Pennsylvania campsites for its natural beauty and numerous recreational activities. Hikers may traverse over 50 miles of trails through old-growth forests, rivers, and breathtaking views. The park’s vast route network includes the Seneca route, Rimrock Trail, and Toms Run Trail, which provide varied levels of challenge and showcase the region’s biodiversity.

Cook Forest State Park offers kayaking, canoeing, and fishing on the Clarion River. Anglers may catch trout, bass, and other freshwater species on these clear waterways, while paddlers can relax and enjoy the scenery.

Cook Forest provides leisure activities for all tastes in addition to its natural features. Families may eat at grills and picnic tables while kids play on the park’s playgrounds and sports fields. In summer, visitors may swim in the park’s pools or attend ranger-led educational programs and informative walks to learn about the area’s rich cultural and environmental heritage.

The charm of Cook Forest State Park comes alive at night. With low light pollution and vast night skies, stargazers see a unique celestial show. Family and friends may make unforgettable memories over crackling campfires, toast marshmallows, and tell stories under the sky.

Cook Forest has camping alternatives for every taste and comfort. Visitors can pick from primitive tent sites in isolated forests to sophisticated cottages with all the luxuries of home. The park has pet-friendly campsites so pets may participate in the fun.

Perhaps Cook Forest State Park’s persistent dedication to conservation and preservation makes it one of Pennsylvania’s top campsites. As a National Natural Landmark, Cook Forest is home to some of the northeastern US’s oldest and tallest trees, including the “Longfellow Pine,” which symbolizes nature’s persistence and beauty.

French Creek State Park

French Creek State Park has something for everyone, from experienced hikers to families looking for a weekend getaway in nature, on 7,730 acres. This campsite is wonderful for leisure and exploration due to its perfect balance of peacefulness and adventure.

Over 35 miles of hiking paths make French Creek State Park popular. These pathways run through lush forests, beside gurgling streams, and up rocky slopes, offering breathtaking vistas. The park’s pathways are suitable for all ages and abilities, from leisurely strolls to demanding hikes.

French Creek State Park has great mountain biking tracks too. Cyclists may enjoy steep descents, lush woods, and difficult terrain on nearly 20 miles of bike routes. These routes provide easy and demanding rides for beginners and experts, making them thrilling for everyone.

French Creek State Park’s vast campgrounds provide a variety of overnight alternatives. The campground has campsites for tents, RVs, and cabins. Campers may experience home comforts in nature with well-maintained facilities, clean restrooms, and handy amenities.

French Creek State Park’s environmental education and conservation distinguish it from other Pennsylvania campsites. The park is a haven for birdwatchers and environment lovers due to its vast avian variety as an Important Bird Area. The park’s distinct ecosystems and the necessity of maintaining them for future generations are taught through guided nature walks, educational events, and informative exhibits.

French Creek State Park has several year-round activities in addition to its natural beauty. There are many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in the park, from fishing and boating on its clear lakes to swimming and picnicking on its sandy beaches. The park becomes a winter paradise with cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and ice fishing.

Additionally, French Creek State Park’s closeness to other sites makes it a perfect basecamp for exploring the area. A short drive from historic cities, picturesque villages, and cultural attractions, travelers may explore Pennsylvania’s offerings beyond the park.

Poe Valley State Park

Poe Valley State Park, in the center of the stunning Bald Eagle State Forest, offers camping for all tastes. This park provides something for everyone, whether you like camping under tall trees, RVing, or staying in a comfortable cabin. Over 200 campsites allow tourists to relax and reconnect with nature.

Poe Valley State Park’s natural beauty and outdoor activities make it one of Pennsylvania’s top campsites. Poe Lake is a 25-acre sanctuary in the park for swimming, boating, and fishing. The peaceful waterways may be explored by kayak, canoe, or paddleboard, while anglers can fish for bass, trout, and catfish.

Poe Valley State Park has several hiking and bike routes that run through lush woodlands, picturesque vistas, and lakeshores. There are trails for all skill levels and interests, from easy strolls to difficult excursions. Nature lovers can see osprey, herons, and bald eagles, as well as deer, black bears, and other creatures.

Poe Valley State Park has several camping options in addition to its natural charms. Campers have access to modern restrooms, hot showers, and picnic areas with tables and grills. For a comfortable stay, the park sells firewood, refreshments, and other necessities in the campsite store.

Perhaps the most convincing reason Poe Valley State Park is one of Pennsylvania’s top campgrounds is its peace and remoteness. The park offers a calm getaway from daily life where tourists may enjoy nature. Poe Valley State Park is the perfect place to unwind with a campfire, stargazing, or songbirds and rustling leaves.

Outside the park, there are many sights and activities to enjoy. Penn’s Cave & Wildlife Park, where tourists may take a guided boat trip of America’s first all-water cavern, and State College, home to Penn State University and a strong arts and cultural scene, are nearby attractions.

Hickory Run State Park

Many love Hickory Run State Park for its solitude and scenery. The park attracts hikers, trekkers, and nature lovers with its lush woods, tumbling waterfalls, and clear streams on over 15,000 acres of challenging terrain. Trails through deep trees lead to stunning views and hidden wonders in the park. There’s a hike for every ability level and interest, from easy strolls along Boulder Field Trail to strenuous Hawk Falls Trail.

Hikers and campers may enjoy several outdoor activities at Hickory Run. Anglers may fish the park’s clear streams and lakes for trophy trout and bass. Sand Spring Lake is a popular place to boat and swim on hot summer days and paddle around the quiet waters surrounded by nature. Picnic places across the park are ideal for family gatherings or peaceful lunches in nature.

Highlights of Hickory Run State Park include its 400-acre Boulder Field of aged stones. This Ice Age-era geological wonder attracts tourists from around the world with its surreal beauty and unusual natural characteristics. Camping near Boulder Field lets tourists see its spectacular sunsets and appreciate this ancient landscape’s tranquility.

Hickory Run has camping alternatives for every taste and comfort level for a more immersive outdoor experience. The park has approximately 300 campsites, from tent sites in the forest to RV connections with electricity and water. Hickory Run offers both camping beneath the stars and a fully furnished campground. The park has facilities, showers, and picnic sites, so campers may feel at home while in nature.

Perhaps the most convincing reason Hickory Run State Park is one of Pennsylvania’s top campgrounds is its community and friendliness. Campers laugh and tell stories over roaring campfires under the stars. Strangers who enjoy the outdoors and appreciate nature become friends. Hickory Run is a welcome and inclusive place to make memories and make friends, whether you’re a lone explorer or a family reconnecting with nature.

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